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Can I Eat It? The No Guide

GLUTEN FREE – THE ‘CHOICE’ FOR MANY We tend to eat more healthily all round, because of the increased focus on eating fresh, natural unprocessed foods.  Processed foods we might have relied on previously all contain high levels of sugar, salt, fat and additives, and our bodies don’t thrive on this at all.  For many,…

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Can I Eat It? The Maybe Guide

GLUTEN FREE EVERYWHERE! The food industry is really excited about the ‘free from’ market.  The gluten free market alone is worth £365 million to food manufacturers and retailers, and is predicted to keep growing massively year on year.  Good news for us as they continue to create new products and line the aisles with gluten…

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Can I Eat It? The Yes Guide

GLUTEN FREE – WHAT CAN I EAT? Yes some foods are eliminated – but there is so much else to choose from so you won’t feel deprived.  Where once we had to hunt down foods via specialist shops or search online, gluten free alternatives are everywhere now.  And of course a lot of favourite foods…

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