Tray Bakes

Our tray bakes are baked to order so please allow 48 hours turn around. Cooked and delivered in foil trays, they are left uncut for your own serving sizes. All our bakes freeze so they can be kept fresh until you need them.

The Little Black Box

Perfect for the travel industry, retail, cafes and ‘food to go’. Seal wrapped individual servings in a stylish ‘little black box’ that keeps the cakes moist and looking good, whilst protecting against gluten cross-contamination. Great for lunchboxes too, the cakes come in regular (80g) and mini (40g) portions.


Chocolate cookies with big chunks of chocolate to bite into. Really delicious and satisfying with a cup of coffee or pot of tea. Seal wrapped to keep them perfect and prevent gluten cross contamination.


Who doesn’t like a nice cup or tea or coffee with their cake?! One of these mugs would be perfect for those having to follow a gluten free diet.